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Under No Circumstances Should You Ever Tickle Another Grown Adult - Especially In The Middle Of A Sporting Event

I think I'm speechless. Mostly because I found myself in quite the pickle here. On one hand, I love distractions. I want to see BASEketball-esque psych outs during actual games. I'm all for someone screaming about Squeaks and attempting everything in this video: 


However, tickling? I gotta draw a line there. Maybe it's because I'm ticklish. Maybe it's because I don't like when people touch me or the tickling motion - just something creepy about it. But you can't tickle another grown ass man. That's honestly about as disrespectful as one can do. I'd rather get slapped. But tickling my armpits? Buddy, figure shit out. 

What's the best case scenario here if tickling works? I guess van Dijk is thinking about it for the rest of the match and constantly looking over his shoulder to see if the tickle monster is coming. But it's not like van Dijk has been awesome this year. He's a shell of his former self. You don't need to tickle him, maybe Mo Salah. 

I honestly think tickling someone is the most disrespectful move. The only thing that comes close is spitting at someone.