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Atletico Madrid Delivered A Masterclass On How To Get Eliminated From Champions League In The Most Batshit Crazy Way Possible

So yesterday was matchday 5 of Champions League. For those who might not be familiar, we are in group stage - round robin style of 4 teams per group. Top 2 from each group advance to the Round of 16. Okay, so there we are. Now in Group B you have Club Brugge, Porto, Atletico and Leverkusen. Porto beat Brugge earlier in the day yesterday, which meant Atletico needed to win in order to stay alive for the last match. 

You might wondering why is Porto going crazy with some finish? Because this is what happened in the Atletico match: 

Uhhhh, what? 

Match appears to be over, then there's a PK on a QUESTIONABLE call. If that's not enough you have the save, the bar, the save again. Match over. What a brutal way to get eliminated if you're Atletico. Horrendous way to know your next Champions League match means nothing. Porto and Brugge qualify for the Round of 16. 

Woof man. That's as bad as it gets.