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Chiclets Concierge: Lulea, Sweden And A Winner To Pay For The Trip!

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Sometimes I just feel like sharing a great place to go with people that most likely will not visit an outpost in Sweden but I am also a gambler.  Being the self-proclaimed Worldwide Concierge is a noble title and I want to share some great cities around the world but to lessen the expense of the travel there is a pot of gold (responsibly) at the end of it.  It is not easy to get here but I can tell you from boots-on-the-ground experience that this town is legit fun.  The people are nice and the hockey is great.  So if you find the itch to travel north and I mean north this is an easy guide. 

Location: Luleå, Sweden - This Northern City is about a 90-minute flight due north of Stockholm.  A lovely port city that is known for some northern lights and 24-hour days in the summer.  I’m surprised Whit doesn’t summer here because teeing off to play 18 at midnight can be a normal thing.

Eat, Drink but being merry is a must:  Please do not be afraid to embrace the local dishes and try what is around.  Most of the food is slow-cooked but always try the Reindeer blood sausage with apples. Yeah I know, who wants to eat Rudolph? I do and order the local beer here which will be from the Northern Light Brewery. Not as good as the Big Deal Brew but til Biz starts launching in Europe their Summer Passion will have to do. 

Local Team: Luleå Hockeyförening - Promoted to the top Swedish league in 1984 and has one Championship to its name in 1996. The most impressive stat for Luleå is that they have never once been involved with the relegation tournament at the end of the season to lose their spot in the top league.

Alumni Spotlight: Linus Omark - A former teammate of Ryan Whitney on those great Edmonton Oilers teams between 2010-2012. His shootout moves are legendary!

Arena: Coop Norrbotten Arena - the arena seats 6,100 and has an amazing atmosphere. When the team is playing well this place is impossible to come away with points from.  If you can get to a game make sure to be in the fan section behind the goal and try to sing along with the crowd. 

Murls’ Best Bet:  Lulea ML -137 Barstool Sportsbook

Sidecar - Lulea -1.5 +200 

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