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This Will Put A Smile On Your Face: Tenacious D Performs A Medley Of 'The Who' Songs

Well that was just great. As much of Jack Black likes to throw a lil comedic spin onto his vocals, the guy's got a great voice! Plain and simple! He crushed all three of those songs, as did Kyle Gass on guitar/backup vox. 

Plus, who doesn't love The Who? No pun intended. The Who rules.

Dante also blogged this awesome Jack Black story recently that everyone should see....

Gotta love that guy.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass are still touring to this day as Tenacious D, and from the looks of the video below, they still have a tremendous stage presence and sound amazing....

I'd love to see Tenacious D live to be honest. 'Tribute' fucks….as does 'Wonderboy' (and honestly, plenty more - they've got jams).