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We Need More MLB Superstars Like Bryce Harper

This story makes me like Bryce Harper even more. There's something about superstars in baseball showing fire and passion. Listen I love Aaron Judge, he is the most humble guy in the world, but I wouldn't mind a nice fuck you to the crowd or the team to fire everyone up here and there. Go punch the pitcher in the face or something. I get being the respected player, but screaming at 2nd base after a double is all a fan wants. 

The lineup in this fall league was insane the way they explained who was playing. Bryce being absolutely awful and not able to hit makes it even better. But coming out of nowhere, calling your shot and backing it up has to be one of the best feelings in the world. You feel like God honestly. 

We need more people in baseball being more outgoing and doing crazier shit on the field to spice up baseball. Just have more fun with the game. I know it's not necessarily some players' style to do that, but it would no doubt make the game more eye-appealing. 

Lets also change up some rules in the league. They are trying to make the games faster, but we should give the Pirates and Reds an extra fielder or even let them peg players with the ball. Nobody in the world gets excited for a Pirates game so lets make them the fucking Savanah Bananas. 

I'm sure some of you will be like why do you love Bryce Harper as a Yankees fan? If you are a Yankees fan you shouldn't hate Bryce Harper. He flat out admitted to Smitty and Rone on their show that he was shocked to never hear from the Yankees when he was a free agent. He was even willing to play first base, but they didn't bother to sit down with him and have a conversation. The Phillies are under paying him at $330 million and I wish we had him. He is probably one of the only people who got a $300 million contract and is actually living up to it. I would say people that aren't living up to their contracts so far are players like Tatis Jr and Lindor. Bryce Harper will be the reason the Phillies win the World Series, if he shows up in big moments like he has all postseason. It's like some 09 A-Rod shit. 

Sounds stupid when the Astros haven't lost a single game yet, but the Phillies have a story. We need more superstars like Bryce Harper and I know all MLB All Stars read my blogs. All you have to do is show some sort of emotion and fans will love you.