Will Levis Claims He Can Throw A Ball 80 Yards In The Air, Will Not Pull A Weird Haircut Seth

I gotta do everything in my power to try and will a Kentucky win this week. I've seen too many losses to Tennessee. I've seen too many heartbreaks. I can't keep living my life that way. So if Will Levis says he can throw a ball 80 yards in the air, by God I'm going to believe him. In fact I think UK should line up the first play of the game and run nothing but go routes. Let Barion Brown use his speed and just try to outrun everyone. They'll never see it coming. A cool 80 yards to the end zone on a rope. 

I'll tell you what won't happen: 

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Just an all-time video that has somehow overtook Uncle Rico of the immediate thing I think of during comments like this. Seth claiming he can launch that bad boy 60 yards only to make it a solid 18. Tough look. Gotta think that's the toughest look on this here website. As much as people laugh at some other memories, this is the one. 

I know people will mock Will Levis because he plays for Kentucky, but this isn't that much of a statement. He does have a huge arm. It's why scouts are falling in love with him. 

All I know is it's Tennessee week. Break out all the stops. Fuck Rocky Top. Fuck Tennessee. Fuck Peyton Manning's forehead and even fuck that little stretch where Duggs was in Knoxville. That shade of orange sucks. And while we're at it bring back the Beer Barrel Trophy


So let's see it Will. Be better than Weird Haircut Seth. Fire that fucking pigskin.