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Tickets To See The Dozen In NYC Are ON SALE NOW

That's right, LIVE in person you can see The Dozen in New York City.

We aren't doing a Tournament this time, just three one-off matches in what should be an awesome night.


- Smockin vs. The Yak
-- Mark Titus, KenJac, Donnie vs. Big Cat, Rone, Cheah

- The Experts vs. Big Screamin Honkers
-- Brandon Walker, PFT, Fran vs. Mintzy, Robbie Fox, Francis

- Frank & the Frankettes vs. Chicago
-- Nick, KB, Frank the Tank vs. White Sox Dave, Carl, Chief

If you haven't been to one of our live events before, they are a fucking blast…

…don't miss out on tickets!

Also, for those in Boston, we are going to you on November 29th. Tickets on sale soon!