Welcome to Big Game Week: El Pres, Big Cat, KFC and more LIVE from Barstool Scottsdale | Tonight 7PM ETTUNE IN

Tickets To See The Dozen In NYC Are ON SALE NOW

That's right, LIVE in person you can see The Dozen in New York City.

We aren't doing a Tournament this time, just three one-off matches in what should be an awesome night.


- Smockin vs. The Yak
-- Mark Titus, KenJac, Donnie vs. Big Cat, Rone, Cheah

- The Experts vs. Big Screamin Honkers
-- Brandon Walker, PFT, Fran vs. Mintzy, Robbie Fox, Francis

- Frank & the Frankettes vs. Chicago
-- Nick, KB, Frank the Tank vs. White Sox Dave, Carl, Chief

If you haven't been to one of our live events before, they are a fucking blast…

…don't miss out on tickets!

Also, for those in Boston, we are going to you on November 29th. Tickets on sale soon!