Here's The Sign To Make Your Own McRib Sandwiches At Home

McDonald's is bringing back the McRib, apparently for its "last dance". We're well past the point in society where we should be shocked when we see how fast food menu items are made. We've seen enough videos at this point to know that you have absolutely no idea what you're getting. Somehow our guy Mike over here is just getting around to seeing how a McRib is made for the first time. Surprisingly McDonald's doesn't hire a pitmaster for a few weeks every year to smoke a few racks of ribs straight from the farm to throw on their sandwiches. Crazy, I know. 

But just because the golden arches doesn't do it that way doesn't mean that you shouldn't. The idea of a McRib is perfection. Sweet, smokey, tangy, tender pork coupled with some pickles and onions to provide a sharp, acidic crunch, all tucked together for your consuming convenience on a bun/roll? It's a barbecue platter on a sandwich. There's nothing to not love about that, just the way it's actually made at McDonald's. So instead, here's how you can go out and make some McRibs of your own.