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John Kruk's A+ Retirement Story Proves How He's Still One Of The Best Baseball Has To Offer

Oh, and a time he almost was murdered story, too. Fun! 

Listen to the full awesome interview on this week's PMT - HERE 

The Kruker, man. One of the best to ever do it is STILL one of the greatest personalities in the game. Sure, Philly people know that he's still firing as he's become one of the most endearing, funny, and most genuine color commentators this city has ever had to offer. But kudos to PMT for giving the man the worldwide respect he deserves. It's refreshing to see someone like Jake* doing what he wants while also telling it how it is in the game, too:

Jake's still got it. Always had it off the field, too. Here's Kruk on Letterman in 1992 when the Phillies were in last place:

Hilarious. And then Kruker on Letterman back in 1993 when the Phillies were in first place. 

Genuinely funny. The man has always had it in every situation possible. Including on the field, where he was a career .300 hitter on the dot. People forget that. Long Live The Kruker. 

Now buy a shirt. The destiny starts to end on Friday night. 4 more. 

*Can already see the comment section taking a quick break to call me a fraud fan but Jake was a nickname for Kruk during his playing days that Dutch and the guys used to call him all the time. I'm a bandwagon Phillies guy, tho, so I don't know how I know that.