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Our Very Own Adam Ferrone Just Made BET's Top 50 Battle Rappers Of All Time

Source - Rone’s had a series of viral battle rap moments in his career. His freestyle battle against Charles Hamilton seems to reemerge every year, as does his fat-shaming round against Big T. Add that to his compliment battle against Pat Stay and Rone always seems to put himself in a position to create a moment.

Rone's going to kill me for writing this but I'm doing it anyway. Sometimes it's important to remind people that we're not all barnyard animals stuck together in an office for the entertainment of the masses. Most of us are, but some of us have real talent - Rone is one of those people. If you've got 30 minutes today, make sure to watch his entire highlight video. It's wildly entertaining. That's it for this one. Just wanted to post a little something to pump up the team on a Wednesday. If you're interest in checking you the rest of the list you can do so here. Thanks for reading!