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Charles Barkley Needs To Appear In The Next Barstool Spelling Bee Contest After This Show-Stopping Performance Last Night

Look at Chuck, man! That's a guy who knows how to spell. Never seen someone be put on the spot on national TV like that before and nail it. Spectacular. Got it on the first try and still sent the crew into laughing. This is why he got that 10-year extension for nearly $200 million. Who else could be on a show about basketball and have spelling be a moment that goes viral? No one. That's the answer. 

All I know is we need to bring this back: 

Can almost guarantee that Chuck will nail daiquiri too. The man knows how to spell, he proved it. And who said that Chuck wasn't clutch? Oh he hasn't won a title. Boo hoo. He's clearly the best speller on the show. I didn't see anyone else get put on the spot and nail it. Imagine him going toe-to-toe with some of our finest spellers here. Just staring Billy Football in the eyes and showing an alpha. I don't know who we need to talk to, but let's run this back one more time. 

I'm so glad these guys all agreed to stay together. I don't know what it is about announcers/studio guys, but as we get more change that's the true 'holy shit we're old' type moments. I'm thinking Nantz leaving the Final Four after this year. Joe Buck and Aikman over on ESPN now. All these moves just don't feel right. I'm a man of ritual. My brain is wired to turn on FOX and hear Buck/Aikman. My brain isn't going to understand Ian Eagle at the 2024 Final Four right away. Putting on TNT and not seeing any of these guys would have been stupid. 

Spectacular. Nailed it.