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Klay Thompson Was Just Ejected For The First Time In His Career During a Heated 3rd Quarter Between The Suns and Warriors That Involved 7 Technical Fouls

Kate Frese. Getty Images.

In a big Western Conference matchup between two title contenders out in the desert, you knew tensions were high. The Warriors being the defending champs, the Suns being a team that has been a basketball machine for two years only to lose in the Finals and then choke a Game 7 last year, these are arguably the two best teams in the conference. Many would argue this was a WCF matchup we should have had.

So even though this game was early in the season, you could feel the extra juice in the arena as soon as the game started. Where things started to get a little spicy began with some pretty typical shit talking between Devin Booker and Klay Thompson


Watching this live, this felt weird. Almost personal and not your typical basketball shit talking. I don't think I've ever seen Klay get that mad at anything in life let alone on the basketball court. Of all the times to not have players mic'd up, we really dropped the ball here. I need to know what they were saying to each other to get so bent out of shape. It feels like we had a Honey Nut Cheerios situation or something along those lines to cause that type of reaction

As you could imagine, things did not end there. They only escalated during a stoppage of play

If there's one thing we know about Klay, it's that he doesn't shy away from talking shit. How can we forget his epic postgame performance after winning the title

So I imagine he didn't take too kindly to a bunch of Suns players who haven't won shit running their mouth. I think I saw a little bit of a kiss the ring reaction as he was making his way off the floor which on one level I love but then I remember that ring came via ruining my life and I admit, that stings. 


I say let's just pencil this down as a reminder for the rest of the year and future meetings between these two. We should also probably start praying to the Basketball Gods that we get to experience a playoff series between these two where both sides are fully healthy. We deserve it.