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Thoughts And Prayers To Kim Kardashian Who Was Forced To Spend Her 42nd Birthday At In-N-Out In LA Because Her Private Jet Couldn't Land In Las Vegas Due To High Winds

Page Six - Instead of dining at Las Vegas’ Carbone and “going to a f–king Usher concert,” Kim Kardashian and Ko. were forced to spend her 42nd birthday party at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The reality star-turned-billionaire business mogul was supposed to spend Saturday night splurging on high-end Italian food and getting down to the Grammy winner’s greatest hits at his Dolby Live residency at Park MGM.

But while en route to Sin City via sister Kylie Jenner’s $72 million private jet, Kardashian was informed that the pilot could not land safely due to dangerous weather conditions that included wind gusts up to 60 mph.

“The plane couldn’t land due to the wind so looks like our Carbone party and @usher concert isn’t happening and we are heading back home,” Kardashian, who turned 42 on Friday, explained via an Instagram Story.

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Some people just can't catch a break huh?

Here's Kim Kardashian, taking one day out of her excruciating work schedule, to spend on herself, and she's not even able to. All she wanted was some $35 macaroni and to hear Ursher sing "Confessions", and thanks to mother fucking nature, her entire night was ruined.

Real talk though-

If you're still celebrating birthdays at 42, you should be on a watchlist. 

If you're taking your private jet from LA to Vegas, turning around, and coming back because you can't land, you're just a fucking asshole. (What is that like a 2-hour drive?)

Also, In-And-Out is not a shabby consolation prize whatsoever. Respect where it's due.

p.s. - page six comment section is vicious