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LenDale White May Or May Not Have Found A Duffel Bag With $150K In It Left In His Apartment At USC

Damn, that's crazy. How fortuitous that a bag containing a large amount of cash just happened to be left at the doorstep of one of USC's star players. I can't believe someone would accidentally leave that much money somewhere and forget about it.

This is when college football was great. Obviously NIL is fantastic for student-athletes and it's a good thing kids are now compensated fairly for being the labor force behind a multi-billion-dollar industry. But shadowy figures leaving behind duffel bags at 5-star recruits' apartments or new cars showing up in the driveway out of nowhere was one of the things that made college football unique. Now high school kids are signing $8 million contracts and paying taxes on it. That's no fun.

Also, being a bag man was always a dream of mine. If I could ever get rich enough to steer a handful of blue chip recruits to Tennessee, that's as good as life could get. Now you just donate to your school's NIL collective and a player sends you a Cameo for your birthday or something.

But again, what a stroke of luck for LenDale. I hope whoever left that money behind happened to be a USC fan and can at least take solace in the fact it ended up in the hands of a Trojan.