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Tuesdays Are Like White Toast, But An NHL Parlay Will Give You Some Flavor To Grind The Day Away

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$EBR 2 for 1 Tuesday is a play on a favorite night out when I could handle a Tuesday night party.  All the best places are trying to coax people like me into going out with great deals on drinks. For most of my buddies who always are double-fisting, the 2-4-1 special is the perfect night. The only thing that could get me to the bar on a Tuesday night would be a 2-4-1 on Big Deal Brewing Golden Ale.

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The Bruins have been phenomenal to start the season going 5-1, and it’s no surprise as Monty is one of the brightest hockey minds in the game, and is pushing all the right buttons. No Marchand, No McAvoy no problem, Monty has them playing uptempo and doing all the small things to be successful.

TEAMS: Boston Bruins / Detroit Red Wings

Bruins Take: Bruins at home are always a good play, but catching a Dallas team at the end of a back-to-back and only laying -150 is a dream. Oettinger is a star on the rise that will be fresh in the pipes but, the former Boston University product will put too much pressure on himself tonight and the B’s will get a few by him.  Monty already has put his stamp on this team with the veterans playing well and the young guys getting a chance to make an impact.   He knows that this type of game is a must-win in his master plan to get the Bs back to the promised land.  He knows this team well and you better believe he will have big money on the board tonight!! 

The Bruins should play fast and grind out a win by getting the puck low and hopefully drawing a few penalties so the PP can do its job.  I can see it now, a Pasta one-tee on the power play to get the Bs on the board.

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Red Wings Take: It is well-documented how bullish $EBR is for the Red Wings this season and they have delivered. They are the last team in the NHL to not have a regulation loss. That is not a mush, it is for the stat guys who enjoy the analytical side of it.  

If this wasn't enough, the foolish bookmakers made them a -130 home favorite vs the Ducks Sunday, so $EBR jumped all over it and made them the Game of the Month and knocked a leg out of books around the world.

Well, here we go again the Red Wings at home vs the New Jersey Devils on a back-to-back and the line is only -108. The Wings are loaded and just beat the Devils 5-2 and our guy Kubalik is dominating.  The Wings are best when they do not slow down and just keep their foot on the gas. 


I mean if only someone talked about this backdoor pickup by Yzerman before the season. Please nobody tell Barstool Chief that the Blackhawks let him go for nothing!!

It’s not the play of the Month, because we already used that for October, but this game is a big play!! Go Wings Go!  

On the road to 85 points, the Wings currently are at 8. 

Murls Bet: Bruins / Red Wings ML Parlay +213

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