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Justin Herbert is a GOD And Marty Mush Is A MORON

When people talk about who are the best quarterbacks in the league they throw Justin Herbert in the top 7 with reckless abandon. Why do we do this when he has so much talent around him and hasn't done shit with it? You have quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson who gets so much more flack when he has played better than Herbert with less weapons. Baker Mayfield was one yard away from making the AFC championship and he gets the most shit out of any QB.

Justin Herbert first year: Broke every rookie record in existence, won OROY (not shit apparently)  

Justin Herbert second year: Set the records for:

- Most TD passes through first 2 seasons
- Most passing yards through first 2 seasons
- Most completions through first 2 seasons
- First QB in NFL history to have 30 TDs in both of their first 2 seasons
- Set the franchise records for TDs, passing yards and completions
- Was 2nd and 3rd in the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns. 

All of that, is not shit. 

He has great receivers around him in Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. He also has one of the most versatile running backs in the game

I'm not sure if Marty is aware, but Keenan Allen has played a combined 3 quarters of football this season due to injured. However….

In 2 full years with Justin Herbert, Keenan has 206 receptions, 2130 yards and 14 touchdowns. Mike Williams has 124 receptions, 1902 yards and 14 touchdowns. Austin Ekeler has 115 receptions, 1,050 yards and 10 touchdowns as a receiver. None of the offensive weapons Marty is talking about have gotten worse under Hebert. 

To put this into context for Marty's brain, in 3 combined seasons with Marty's favorite guy Baker Mayfield, OBJ had 114 receptions 1,586 yards, and 7 touchdowns. A running back under Herbert performed better as a receiver in 2 years than a star WR did under Baker in 3. 

 He hasn't even made the playoffs yet

A QB is 0-2 on making the playoffs in 

1. His record-shattering rookie year with a defense giving up 27 PPG (10th worst in football), a bottom-3 special teams unit and a coach (Anthony Lynn) that was the laughing stock of the NFL 

2. His record breaking sophomore year where he finished the season 2nd in yards and 3rd in touchdowns with a defense giving up 27 PPG (4th most in football).

Herbert is obviously at fault for that. 

Look at someone like Daniel Jones who gets shit on non stop. I can guarantee nobody can name two of the Giants receivers this year. He is making it work with fucking Richie James while Justin Herbert can't do shit with a full arsenal of weapons. I think we just have to hit the breaks on Herbert as an elite QB for a little bit until he starts winning enough games to get his team to the playoffs. 

Daniel Jones this year with a defense that is giving up the 6th fewest points in football and the 2nd best rusher in football on his team in 2022: 

1566 total yards, 5 total TD 

Justin Herbert this year with fractured rib cartilage missing his all-pro LT, All-pro C, WR1, WR3, WR4 and TE1 with a defense giving up the 3rd most points in football and the 7th worst rushing attack in football in 2022:

2057 total yards, 12 total touchdowns 

There is a reason people were shitting on Daniel Jones and praising Herbert. If you put Herbert on that Giants team, they are 7-0 without a doubt. If you put Daniel Jones on this Chargers roster, they may be winless instead of 4-3. 

Point is, saying a QB "hasn't done shit" after 2 years in the league is insane. Especially if the only barometer of "shit" is making the playoffs. Wins have never been and never will be a QB stat. By most metrics, Herbert had the 2nd best regular season by a quarterback last year. It's not some miracle that he was the only QB in that top grouping that didn't get a playoff berth last year. It's that those players had defenses that weren't giving up 27 PPG and Special Teams that ranked 31st in efficiency.  

If you ask me, this might just be a case of hair envy which is sad to see as a fellow balding. 

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