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Credit To Mike Evans For Admitting He Needs To Take Some Golf Lessons

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

So Steven Cheah blogged about this earlier and it turns out the whole "ref asking Mike Evans for an autograph" controversy in the NFL was much ado about nothing. Who could have possibly seen that one coming? Ol' Jared Lee Smith over here looking like a real jabroni. 

Now while there won't necessarily be any bombshells to come out of this investigation, there were certainly be some bombs piped down the middle of the fairway by Mike Evans in the near future. This man's handicap is about to drop faster than Tom Brady's QBR. And credit to Mike Evans for admitting what most of us have way too much of an ego to--that it's time to call in the help of a professional and take some lessons to fix that nasty slice. 

We all want to think that we're just a move or two away from finally achieving the perfect swing. That all it will take is watching a few more YouTube videos before your next round to really pure up that swing. To lengthen that takeaway. To really gather your swing at the top. To get the timing right on the weight shift. To pure up that contact. We want to think we can do all that on our own. We don't need lessons, lessons are for guys who suck. At least that's what we try to tell ourselves as we send the tee shot into the road, chunk the shit out of the drop 3rd shot, blade a wedge 40 yards over the green when you were only 20 yards away, finally get on the green and take a 7 ft gimme for 8. 

But not Mike Evans. He's doing the smart thing here. Making the investment to take some lessons with the pro at A&M. And when you think about it, those lessons will practically pay for themselves. Think about how much less you'd have to spend on balls when you aren't going through a sleeve every round. Think about how much you'll win off your buddies those first few rounds when you still have a complete sandbagger handicap and are getting strokes on every hole. Golf lessons might just be the best investment anyone could make. But I'll still just watch a bunch of swing videos on YouTube and tell myself it'll get better.