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Kyle Tucker Is A MONSTER, Kicked Off The World Series By Hitting 2 Bombs In The First 3 Innings Of Game 1

King Tuck gets us started with the scoring in Game 1 with a towerrrrrrring home run that he knew was gone immediately. No hesitation at all with the bat toss, he knew it was gone the second he connected. Smoked it too, squared it up and sent it 15 rows deep. What a way to get the game started for the Astros, they're insanely good when they score first. It's such a kick in the dick to go down early to this team because they are THAT good. 

And the bat toss is *chefs kiss*. It looks so damn awesome when you hit a home run, for my money it's the coolest thing you can do in sports. Tuck makes it look so damn cool. What a bat toss. But wait....he isn't done. 

His next at-bat with guys on the corner and he does it AGAIN! Pissed on this ball then hit them with a spinning bat flip. It's just so beautiful. This time he yanks it into the bullpen and the place goes nuts as the Astros blow it open for a 5-0 lead in the third with Nola on the ropes. Hell of a start for the Astros. I'm starting to think these guys are good and so is Kyle Tucker.

Tiko seems to agree.


The rest of this stream should be interesting now that the Phils are fightin' back.