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NHL Screws American Fans Yet Again By Airing Crosby Vs. McDavid On Just The NHL Network

Last night in the NHL, we had a pair of generational talents go head-to-head as Sidney Crosby's Penguins visited Alberta to do battle with Connor McDavid's Oilers. Sid, winner of three Stanley Cups, is 35 but he sure as hell doesn't look like and he's currenly tied for 2nd place in points. The 25-year-old McDavid, currently tied for third in points and seeking his first Cup, is the best player in the world and continually puts up numbers that place his name among Gretzky and Lemieux. So I was fired up as hell to watch the game. 

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Are you shitting me? We have Crosby vs. McDavid in primetime but American fans can only (legally) watch it on a channel that many people don't even have, the NHL Network (except for Pittsburgh-area market). So one year after essentially putting the entire season online so fans can stream the games, those same NHL fans couldn't watch a marquee game because it was airing on a channel you can only get from a cable/satellite/onlineTV provider and not the services (Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+) you signed up for last year…to watch fucking NHL games. 

I know schedule matrixes have their work cut out for them, but how the fuck was last night's Crosby vs. McDavid tilt OR their one in February not a TNT/ABC/ESPN game? What a goddamn joke. Instead of making it easier for U.S. NHL fans to watch two of the best players in the world go head to head, the league makes it even more cumbersome. Unbelievably believable when it comes to the NHL.


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Otherwise you're just sending your fans to these…

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