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This Video Is 100% Proof That Katy Perry Is Actually A Robot


Look, that's a robot. I don't know what more evidence you need. That's clearly a robot who got a little bit of water in their wiring and has started to malfunction. You can see her code kick in and try to manually reset her eyelid functions to no avail. 




Beep boop beep boop, alert alert, eye function down!

That's simply not how humans act. So this begs the question- is Katy Perry herself a robot, or does she use the Katy Perry robot on stage while real Katy Perry is somewhere else? And if Katy can have a robot clone, who else out there has a robot clone? And since we all immediately thought Zuckerberg, just how many robot clones does he have? Would it shock you if Zuck had an entire army of robots of himself? And finally, what happens when a Lizard Person like Zuckerberg makes a robot clone of himself, does he still need to drink fetus blood to survive? A lot of questions and moving pieces here. Wouldn't be shocked if I've said too much already and the Zuck army kidnaps me in my sleep tonight. If I disappear, this blog is why.