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Manchester United Looks Incredibly Soft For Letting Ronaldo Back On The Team After Being A Whiny Asshole

BOOOOOOOO. Have some balls, Ten Hag. Stand your ground and prove a point. It's not like Ronaldo is there to help you. He's a bum this year. He's a crying bum to be exact. In case you forgot, as Man U was beating Tottenham in their biggest win of the season, this is what Ronaldo did: 

Oh boo hoo. The 37-year old who thinks he's bigger than the club and bigger than the sport itself threw a temper tantrum after refusing to go into the game. That dude doesn't belong on Man U anymore. He's not the same old Ronaldo. Shit, there's a reason he's not in the starting XI most of the time. He's not good enough right now to consistently start under Ten Hag. 

I know this report is out there: 

[Source] - And unless he shows some contrition and agrees to abide by Ten Hag’s rules then he will be continue to be exiled going into Thursday’s clash with Sheriff Tiraspol.

You should make him beg publicly. I mean, hell, if his family is going to drag Ten Hag and the club on Instagram, he should have to publicly beg to be back on the team. Prove your point that Ten Hag is in control of this. We know the Glazers suck but make sure Ten Hag runs the day to day stuff here. 

There is no bigger asshole, no bigger bitch and no bigger prima donna in all of sports. Pathetic to let him back on the squad already. The only exception will be if Ten Hag subs him on in the 89th minute.