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Charges Against Rapper Lil Durk From A 2019 Shooting Case Were Thrown Out, Which Caused His Smoke Show Lawyer To Start Trending On Twitter

Lil Durk is a rapper from Chicago and one of the biggest in the game right now sitting in the top 10 of all rappers in streams this year with over 3 billion, with a B. It should be said that per him, he is a reputed member of the Black Disciples street gang. He also has made posts on Twitter shouting out Gangster Disciples founder Larry Hoover, which is bizarre due to the fact that the GD's are his main rival. That said, he claimed to be paying homage.

In 2019, there was a shooting in Atlanta that the police said Durk and fellow BD member King Von were allegedly involved. 

The shooting was captured on surveillance cameras from both the Varsity and the cigar bar, according to investigators. The victim was rushed to Atlanta Medical Center for surgery after the bullet struck his femoral artery, police said in the report.

Investigators discovered 13 shell casings from a pistol and a rifle in the parking lot. A 9mm handgun was also recovered. Witnesses interviewed at the scene told police the victim appeared to be in a verbal dispute with another man before shots rang out.

An Atlanta police detective later testified that surveillance footage captured Lil Durk firing a weapon from a vehicle near the restaurant’s parking lot.

Until yesterday, Dirk faced five separate felonies, including criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, plus possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony

Well, BIG news came out that the prosecutor and DA have thrown the charges out due to "discretion", whatever that means. As Maurice Levy says to Ronnie Pearlman in "the Wire" when Marlo got jammed out due to McNulty's fake wiretap…"That file must be dirty as hell."  There's definitely something going on here, whether its been done by the police or the prosecution or something else, who knows. I'm not assuming anything. Now it is entirely possible that King Von did this. A prosecution against him won't happen now that he's passed away though. That said Durk is free and can move on with his life.

Not only did Durk ensure his freedom but his lawyer Nicole Moorman became a household name across the internet.

Her lawyer page on Georgia Association for Women Lawyers in Atlanta states she's from Chicago and worked for the firm Arora & LaScala since 2016, and then recently opened her own practice where she specializes in criminal defense, focusing primarily on felony and federal cases. At one point she was dating another rapper "Trouble", who died during a home invasion in June 2022.

Going forward, I get the feeling her business card is going to be in the money clip of every criminal in the Atlanta area as well as Chicago for a long time.