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Greg McElroy Correctly Went Off On The Epidemic Of Broadcasters Doing Stupid Gimmicks In The Middle Of Close Games

Preach it, Greg!

I thought that clip was going to be McElroy playfully messing with his radio co-host Cole Cubelic about scarfing down a doughnut burger during SEC Network's broadcast of Texas A&M-South Carolina on Saturday, but he was actually a little perturbed — and rightfully so. I don't know when we decided the broadcasters needed to have a segment devoted to them during games, but it's happening at an alarming rate in 2022. Every analyst needs to be a comedian now, it seems.

Here's the clip McElroy is referencing, which came in the second half of a 17-14 game between the Aggies and Gamecocks:

If this was happening during a close Tennessee game, I would be absolutely losing my shit. Like McElroy said, if you want to rate concession stand items during a game against an FCS opponent when it's 66-10 in the fourth quarter, go for it. They were doing this in the middle of a three-point SEC game!

And I actually love Tom Hart, Jordan Rodgers and Cole Cubelic. They're a fantastic crew. But the corndog/turkey leg/doughnut burger segment simply can't come in the second half of a tight conference matchup.

There were enough storylines in that game that we didn't need to resort to the corndogs. South Carolina is ranked and could be 8-2 when Tennessee heads to Columbia! A&M might actually have to fire Jimbo Fisher and write him a check for $85 million!

Save the doughnut burgers for when you really need them.