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Justin Herbert Gets Too Much Credit For Being Good When He Hasn't Done Shit

Every single year you hear about how good the Chargers are going to be because of how awesome they look on paper. When people talk about who are the best quarterbacks in the league they throw Justin Herbert in the top 7 with reckless abandon. Why do we do this when he has so much talent around him and hasn't done shit with it? You have quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson who gets so much more flack when he has played better than Herbert with less weapons. Baker Mayfield was one yard away from making the AFC championship and he gets the most shit out of any QB. Everyone is making the excuse for Herbert being hurt this year while Baker had the same thing last year and didn't get an ounce of sympathy. 

I know he is a good quarterback, but we let him off the hook almost every single week. He has great receivers around him in Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. He also has one of the most versatile running backs in the game, so there shouldn't be any excuses. I just don't get why we give him such a pass when he shows flashes of greatness, but is also so streaky. He hasn't even made the playoffs yet. If we are going to crown him as this great quarterback I think we have to come down on him when he is dog shit and loses at home by two touchdowns to Geno Smith. 

Look at someone like Daniel Jones who gets shit on non stop. I can guarantee nobody can name two of the Giants receivers this year. He is making it work with fucking Richie James while Justin Herbert can't do shit with a full arsenal of weapons. I think we just have to hit the breaks on Herbert as an elite QB for a little bit until he starts winning enough games to get his team to the playoffs.