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IT IS HAPPENING! IT'S HAPPENING! FINALLY! Sam Ehlinger is slated to be the starting QB for the Colts in week 8 of the NFL Season. 

THEY ARE FINALLY PUTTING MATT RYAN ON ICE. Nick Foles is slated as QB2 and Ryan might be put on an injured reserve of some sort or even retire. Even if Ryan does continue playing, Ehlinger appears to be the guy!

I have literally been blogging that Sam Ehlinger needs to take over the starting QB1 spot for a while now

Through his knee injury last season, Sam Ehlinger has been through a lot on and off the field; his electricity has always been the highlight of the preseason. 

We had to interrupt Macrodosing to talk about Sam Ehlinger and I now currently am blogging it. 

We went from Sam Ehlinger being Activated to him ending up starting in the NFL. What a time to be alive.