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Devastating News As Newcastle United's Hot Streak Continues With Their Backup Goalie Reportedly Dating Diletta Leotta

Newcastle is one of the most interesting teams in all of club soccer right now. They are fully here to disrupt the table of the Premier League. They talked about it during the Tottenham game and it's been talked about on Chief's Eat, Pray, Limbs - watch that every Friday. There's a reason they are currently 4th in the Premier League - it's because they are good. They play fun, awesome soccer and I'm starting to get sick of them. 

No, not because of the Saudi ownership. No, not because they beat Tottenham. Well, partly because of that. Can't be losing home games when Hugo Lloris just straight up forgets how the game is played. 

Seriously what the hell was that Hugo? It's like he forgot where the box was or just straight up forgot that he couldn't use his hands there. There was no good outcome with this move. We're moving on though. We have a Champions League game to prep for in a couple days. 

Hell, it's not even that Newcastle is trying to get Pulisic: 

It's not the fact they apparently tried to get Neymar too. Nope, it's all because of their backup goalie and former Liverpool player Loris Karius. Why did he make me miserable? This report over the weekend that he's dating Diletta Leotta: 

Come on. By all accounts Diletta Leotta is the most attractive person on the planet, maybe 2nd behind Brian Daboll. He landed Diletta Leotta and then got to watch Newcastle dismantle Tottenham in North London. I'm SICK of it. Newcastle should always be the middle of the table team. I don't like seeing them up top. Hell they were relegated after the 15-16 season! They haven't finished in the top-10 of the Premier League since they finished 5th in 2011-12. They haven't been top-4 since 2002-03. Now here they are with a backup goalie reportedly dating Diletta Leotta and currently 4th. I don't care for it! 

Come on Diletta. Date a Spur one time so we can have the good luck charm.