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The American Dream: Kentucky Man Posed As A Dead Body On TikTok For 321 Days, Lands An Acting Job On CSI Because Of It

[Source] - Elizabethtown, Kentucky native Josh Nalley has absolutely zero acting experience but yet, he's so natural at playing "dead," he's been cast to play a dead man on an upcoming episode of the uber-popular "CSI: Las Vegas" on CBS.

"I got an email from CBS that said they'd seen me on TikTok and wanted to offer me the part," Nalley told the Courier Journal. "At first I didn't believe it, but they flew me out to California. It turned out that Mario Van Peeples was the director for that episode so besides getting cast in the show, I also got to meet him, which was great."

For the past year, the 42-year-old restaurant manager has campaigned for the role of an "un-alive person" on a "movie or television show" by creating daily posts at various locations around the Bluegrass State. Although the locations are always different, his postures seldom vary.

I love this guy. He's not in it for the fame, he's in it for the love of the game. He even says he doesn't want a talking part. Just wants to lay there as a dead body. Weird, but I respect the grind. Some people ask how you break through whether it's blogging, podcasting, TikTok, being an actor, whatever. This is how you do it. Do the same thing over and over again, like any other job. 321 days of just laying there. That's it. That's all this guy did. It's not like he did anything extreme, he simply ... laid down. Something that we all excel in. 

I gotta admit though, this guy is a pro. Haven't seen someone so dedicated to a craft, so professional in laying down than Josh Nalley. He knows his expertise and sticks with it. He doesn't try to do anything else. It's not like he's trying to become a movie star. Nope. He knows his limits, which is anything more than laying down pretending to be a dead man. 

Oh and of course it's CSI. I know it's low-hanging fruit, but man, how many times is CSI or Law and Order on TV? There are a million adaptations of each one and all I can think about is Johnny Drama trying out to be on CSI Minnesota. I'm shocked that's not a real thing yet. We have basically every other city. Poor Jim Nantz has to do reads for it every CBS game. 

So shout out Josh Nalley. He saw his dream come true of being cast as a dead guy. Who says you can't live out the American dream on TikTok? Not just for dancing. 



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