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I Could Listen To Bryce Harper Talk About What Makes Philly Fans So Great For The Rest Of Eternity

That right there was 70 seconds of exactly what Philly fans have always needed to hear from our athletes. Every sentence more perfect than the last. 

Philly fans are constantly the most misunderstood fanbase in sports. Whether it's by the national media or by other Philly athletes who just never seem to get it (Ben Simmons, Carson, etc.). Sure, Philly can be a very demanding fanbase. But we never demand that our teams and athletes win. That's never what it's about. All we demand for is that these teams and athletes work and show us that they care as much as we do. 

Bryce Harper gets it. He probably gets it more than anybody else who has come through this city. "We have 46,000 people in this stadium, it's 46,026 'cause we're all in this together. No matter what, where they're at, who they are, where they come from. If you've got Phillies across your chest and you're a fan, you're a part of our team and you fight with us each day". 


It's always easier when teams are winning. I get that. But again, that's never been what this has been about. We're not an entitled fanbase like the Yankees who just care about a number of rings. If the results aren't there, the results aren't there. All Philly fans want are teams we can believe in because they have that same level of passion and drive. And chances are that if the athletes all have the same drive as the fans, well the winning will quickly follow. The fact that Bryce Harper gets that and is the one leading the way right now is what's making this run so special. 

Almost feels like something out of a movie script. Speaking of which...

Now if you'll excuse me, I have several dozen brick walls to start running through before Friday.