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The Chiefs Are Flat Out Mocking Kyler Murray By Thanking 'Call Of Duty' After Beating The Hell Out Of The 49ers

This is, dare I say, mean? It feels mean. All offseason we've heard about Kyler Murray's love for video games, so much so that there was a homework clause in his new contract. We saw stats about how Kyler kind of sucks during Call of Duty weekends. It's all we hear. Now we have JuJu Smith-Schuster crediting the game for a reason why they beat the shit out of the 49ers? 


Then again I'd credit anything after Mahomes goes for 423 yards, JuJu gets 124 with a touchdown, MVS gets 111 and Kecle gets 98. That helps more than anything else. Credit video games. Credit what you eat. Do whatever because this is when the Chiefs are truly the Chiefs. When they get these other guys involved besides just Kelce. 

I love the little note that they won 3 games too. Had to sneak it in because you know Kyler is still grinding on some COD after the Thursday game. Dude had all weekend to ignore football and game. I mean, I don't blame him. He won. You win you should be able to play 48 hours straight. 

Me? I'm not a COD guy. I hate those games because I stink at them. I also live a hard rule in life that if I stink at it, I think it's awful. I'd much rather play NBA 2k, FIFA or as good old Trent in PGA. Just my cup of tea though. I don't truly understand the gaming world, but new rule. If you win, you can talk shit about playing together. If you lose, you have to play Atari.