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Brian Daboll (Coach Of The Year) Can't Stop Oozing Sex Appeal, Confidence And Power After Winning Games

Look at this beautiful, bald man. I'm not afraid to admit it. If he had hair, he'd still be dripping in power and confidence. But the fact he's bald with a beard clearly shows sex appeal. It's the clear No. 1 look for guys that want to be NFL Coach of the Year AND get people going (horny). Now we have him dancing in locker rooms, wearing some Jordans and smoking cigars. That's the sign of a guy that knows what he's doing. 

You think it matters it's Jacksonville? Hell no. Look at what Daboll has done: 

We'll fucking take it. The fact is Daboll (and Kafka) have a system that's working. Part of it is escaping late in games, but that's part of the game. This is what you need to do when you don't have the most talented roster in the NFL. But it's how you beat the Ravens. It's how you beat Jacksonville with a stop at the 1 yard line. 

That's accountability folks. 

Everything Daboll has done has been correct this year. That's not even Daboll, it's the entire new regime. Seeing what Daniel Jones can do in this system and not extend him. Seeing what Saquon has left in the tank and what they can do with him as a weapon. Finding guys like Ritchie James and getting him snaps. Drafting a Daniel Bellinger in the mid-rounds. 

You can say whatever you want about this team, but as a Hall of Fame coach said 'you are what your record says you are.' That means the Giants are damn good. 6-1. Games still left against the Commanders (2), Seahawks, Texans, Lions and Colts. We're looking at a legit chance of 10 wins in Daboll's first year. 

Hit the damn music.