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A Yankee Stadium Concession Stand Catching On Fire During Game 4 Of The ALCS Was The Perfect Metaphor For The End Of The Yankees Season

This is pretty on brand for the Yankees second half of the season. One minute everything is fine before a fire comes out of nowhere to ruin everything. Everyone was okay, let that be noted. But this really is the only team that this could happen to. 

Biggest game of the season, everyone not named Rizzo or Bader just going through the motions, tickets are going for $21 to get in (use promo code STOOL on Gametime), and the fans that actually did show up can't even get a hot dog. That is just how the cookie has crumbled for the Yankees this season. Everything was great until it was an abject disaster, from the AL Home Run champion on the field to the hot dog guy off the field. Baseball is truly a poetic sport. At least those chefs got out of there quick by hopping over the counter like some slick dude in the 80s sliding over a car hood. I bet Aaron Judge wished he could've done the same instead of meekly grounding out to the pitcher to end his MVP season.