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Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week Nominees: Week 8

Well, thankfully a criminal did not win this week's FBGOTW, but a whole team of college fans who can't be criminals because there are too many to try for criminal mischief. 


Click the blog for an insane description of guys fighting for their teammates and brothers; the football guy move because it was a team of wrestlers, and wrestling is 1on1 while football is the closest thing to teams of wrestlers, and wrestling. So these guys took on a bear and fought it off to save each other pretty dope.


I hope the girl is a diehard Bears fan and a football gal because a lot of women dream of the moment of their proposals like their whole life and I hope football was involved in this lady because that's an auto divorce. I get it though a 1985 Superbowl ring is just as expensive as a lot of super-expensive engagement rings. Engagement rings are expensive, and $45k for a 1985 Superbowl ring is nowhere close to the $150k some crazy people spend on rings. 


He goes to Superbowl Parades to play dress up though. 

Giphy Images.

4. Eric Gentry, ILB USC

This is a pretty psycho move to limp out of the injury tent to hype up the team while on a bad leg. That's leadership on the field, off the field, and in the injury tent.

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