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The Jets Are 5-2. Breece Hall May Have Tore His ACL. The Jets Are 5-2.

Another Great Performance By The Defense:

Yes, it was the Broncos, but the Jets defense was the star of today. A lot of unneeded penalties, but they didn't let the Broncos take advantage of them. 

This was obviously the play of the game. Credit goes to Lamarcus Joyner, but Quinnen Williams caused the rushed pass. Huge.

Pressure was there at multiple points throughout the game. Nice to see Carl Lawson and Bryce Huff make the plays:

DJ Reed continued his positive impact on this Jets season:

How have I gotten this far without saying anything about Sauce Gardner!!! What a player. 


Zach was not great today. He almost turned the ball over early in the game by trying to do too much:

He overthrew a lot of his targets throughout the game. A should've been INT was dropped in the 4th (questionable DPI called on it). The Broncos defense is very good, so not turning the ball over and managing the game should not be slept on. But I expect more. He checked down on multiple long third downs. I get you don't want to force it in a low-scoring game, but this is not the BYU Zach Wilson I watched. 

The biggest outcome of today, outside of the win, was the injuries. 

-Breece Hall (ACL)

-Alijah Vera-Tucker

-Corey Davis

All three are huge for the Jets future success. Without them, I don't know how far this team can go. We'll keep an eye on them.

Special Teams ROCKS

We cannot overstate how great it is to root for a team that has a solid special teams unit. Greg Zuerlein was absolutely nails today, especially in a windy atmosphere.

Let's not forget about Braden Mann:

The Jets Are 5-2

We could sit here and mope about the Jets brutal injuries today, but a win on the road should be celebrated. I didn't think the Jets would be 5-2 at this point in the season. I don't think anyone did. Next up? Patriots. Biggest Jets-Patriots game since 2015? I think so. Win that one and the expectations continue to rise. I'm almost at playoffs or bust mentality.