BREAKING: The New York Giants Are 6-1 And Daniel Jones Is Good.

Well I think I'm clear of having a heart attack at least for the rest of the week because if that game didn't stop my ticker, nothing is going to over the next seven day. Fuck the game. The fact that final drive didn't kill me is a miracle let alone that final play.

What a fucking win. The Giants take down the Jaguars AND the refs on the road. I hate being a blame the refs guy but this was somehow not the worst roughing the passer call of the game.

The defense only let up 6 points in the 2nd half and Saquon was running STRONG (even though he really needs to learn how to fall out of bounds in clock killing time). 

However the 4th Quarter was once again Dimes Time as Daniel Jones came through huge when it mattered once again.

Look at my little lamb turn into a lion!

Shout out to the entire receiving corps for turning Daniel Jones into a raving madman by doing their best Evan Engram on the Giants impersonation in front of the actual Evan Engram.

Actually you know what? We're not gonna dwell on the bad players from the bad Giants teams. We are going to enjoy the fuck out of this team, this 6-1 start and get ready for our weekly Victory Monday tomorrow.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna have a Jonesgasm.

P.S. This was awesome.