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The Bucs Officially Stink

There aren't many highlights from this game. It was a disgusting 0-0 game at halftime. But it should've been at least 7-0 Bucs. The game opened up with this outrageous drop.

Tom Brady said earlier in the week it wasn't a coaching or playcalling problem, it was an execution problem and right out of the gate it was clear that that wasn't going to change. 

The Bucs struggles are as follows:

  • Cannot run the ball
  • Struggle to get off the field on 3rd down
  • Pass protection has been inconsistent
  • Having issues stopping the run, which used to be their hallmark

I do not see a quick fix for these issues. This is a bad football team right now. I hope that we can turn it around soon and we'll have that opportunity with a quick turnaround vs. the Ravens on Thursday Night Football in Tampa.