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Baker Mayfield And The Carolina Panthers Are One Game Out Of 1st Place In The NFC South

Hey Tom I really think you should think about it because you just got smoked by PJ Walker. People thought the divorce was not going to effect him at all and this man needs to be put on the IR for a broken heart. When I watch Brad play, it looks like his controller is dying in Madden. Or when you press he A button too fast and throws the ball straight into the ground. Sometimes you should just retire on top so we don't remember the GOAT as an old bag who forgot how to play football. 

I know people are going to say "Marty what are you an idiot. Baker didn't play"! Uhhhh he is in that quarterback room coaching up PJ and he will be back next week. This is a new team. Christian McCaffrey was holding him back and Robbie Anderson was obviously a problem in the locker room. So it will be Bakers time to shine. This division is in shambles and that is exactly what predicted at the beginning of the season and thats why I bet a +1100 future for the Panthers to win this division. Every single team sucks so you don't know what can happen. The Panthers defense is very underrated and this is exactly what you needed if you were Baker. You see PJ out there making it happen and it makes you realize you still can do the same thing. 

The fact that Tom Brady lost this game is so bad. He has clearly lost the respect in the locker room and people are sick of all his antics. This Panthers locker room is at least all on the same page by the best leader in sports, Baker Mayfield. The season starts now. It sucked to start but this team can win the division.