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A Mother Of The Year Candidate Is Catching Heat For Taking Pics For The Gram, In A Thong, In Front Of A Pool Full of Children

NY Post - A woman has been slammed for shamelessly “slut dropping” in front of children at a hotel pool.

The unidentified woman — who was clad in a flesh-flashing thong bikini — appeared to be recording a racy dance routine for social media as the youngsters frolicked in the nearby water.

The shocking footage was shared by the Instagram account @InfluencersInTheWild on Monday, quickly clocking up hundreds of thousands of views — and a whole lot of outrage.

“Save our children,” the account captioned the footage, which was captured by an onlooker at an undisclosed location.

Viewers claimed the woman was “slut dropping” as she seemingly performed the frisky routine with a gal pal for an unseen filmmaker. At one point, she briefly twerked her booty in the direction of the young children.

First off, am I the only one who had never heard the term "slut drop" before? Because I feel really out of the loop and spit out my protein shake everywhere when I read that term. It's gold.

Secondly, the post doesn't say, and that Instagram post doesn't mention, but I think it's safe to assume this occurred in Florida correct? 

I deduce this from a few facts- 

1- this woman and her friend being totally oblivious to the fact there's a pool full of children within arms reach.

2- the kids' complete indifference to the "slut-dropping" occurring right behind their heads while they splash around. That's the behavior of kids who have seen some shit. They're unfazed by it all because that's minor league shit to them that happens everywhere they go, on a daily basis, because, well, Florida.

I rest my case. 

Playing Devil's Advocate here, maybe we're just prudes and outdated? It seems like this sort of stuff is more common than we might think today-


@kstram83 Thoughts!! I don’t think its appropriate there’s kids all around her, but she looks great!!🙌🏾 #ReTokforNature #thongbikini #makingconvo ♬ gford._ gets no maidens - $avøry-$adisticpai