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Use Code STOOL To Get $7 Tickets To ALCS Game 4 Tonight In New York City

Credit to the Gametime App for such great prices but this is the most embarrassing thing I've seen in baseball history other than the Yankees performance in the first three games of this series. Is this not the ALCS? Is this not New York City? TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS?!?!  Use code STOOL for $7 tickets....

So they chanted they wanted Houston and now they don't even want to watch the game? This is why I hate Yankees fans. They yell and scream and taunt and pump their chests out when things are going well, but at the first sign of adversity they give up. The city of Cleveland would pack the stadium tonight no matter what and that is a 100% fact. 

Twenty-seven dollars for a team that's won 27 World Series titles? What a joke.

Things that cost more than going to the Yankees vs. Astros game tonight:

- 12 wings for the football games this afternoon

- Going to the matinee showing at the movie theatre 

- Filling up a quarter tank of gas

- The brooms Astros fans are buying to take into the stadium tonight 

I don't know why Yankees fans are so down in the dumps, driving the demand so low that it's basically free to get in. This series is not over and there is historical evidence to back that.