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Cool As Hell: The All-American Rejects Showed Up To A BBQ Joint And Played For 500 People After The 'When We Were Young' Show Was Canceled

So yesterday was supposed to be the When We Were Young festival. Unfortunately we're dealing with like 50mph winds so it was canceled - understandably: 

it sucks, but whatever. Shit happens, kind of tough to argue against it. However, shout out the All-American Rejects. They didn't just pack it up or get drunk. Nope they tweeted out that they were going to a BBQ joint and playing for 300-500 people for free. 

Is it small? Of course, but that's what makes some of these shows the best. The randomness and trying to make something happen after the huge show gets canceled. Give some fans, something. Plus imagine if you were able to get a spot at that venue. Nothing like hanging out with 499 other people to hear some Swing, Swing. 


I know the When We Were Young festival is legit. It's basically 35-year old me wanting to turn back into 17-year old me. Just a bunch of pop punk that I grew up listening to like any other normal person in the early-mid 2000s. So shout out All-American Rejects, made something out of nothing. 

I think if you were able to get inside you instantly put this as one of the top concerts you've seen. Something about that small venue - shout out Something Corporate at York College in 2005. Oh and can't even hate on All-American Rejects. They have jams. You like, we all like it.