We Have Our First Benches Clearing "Fight" Of The NBA Season Down In Miami!!

Hey guys, chill the hell out! I get that maybe the Heat are a little on edge after what the Celtics did to them last night on their home floor but this was a WILD overreaction by everyone involved, but mostly Caleb Martin. As we know there's nothing the NBA does better than the 


fight so it's great to see it only took us until the 4th day of the season to get a good one. I'll admit this one did reach a level I wasn't expecting mostly because those things fizzle out instantly once everyone is properly held back, and I guess you could argue there was a chance that got out of hand very quickly with some sort of Malice at the Palace 2.0 vibes but you also have to remember that NBA guys don't really want to fight. They just want to make it seem like they'd fight. Martin probably shouldn't have stood over Koloko like that on a play that happens on rebounds all the time in every NBA game either. It can be a battle, elbows go flying, guys get hit, welcome to the NBA. 

But what exactly was his plan right there? It's not like he immediately started swinging once he decided to stand over Koloko. I give the rookie credit for holding his ground and not taking any shit. If that comes with a fine or a suspension so be it. That's an easy way to win over your teammates and probably Nick Nurse because he's a bit of a psycho.

I have to ask though, is this that #HealtCulture you hear so much about? Not sure you should be promoting it so much if so. Plus, there's a lot of time left in this game and as I blog this the score is only 8 points. There's a lot of basketball to be played, so the Heat better hope they close the deal here. You can't do shit like that and then collapse down the stretch and lose this game. That would be very awkward. 

In terms of a grade for this fight? In terms of being a real fight, I dunno, C/C-? But by NBA standards? That's a solid B/B+. I'm sure Adam Silver is thrilled.