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The Big 12 Conference Refs Gave Texas A Goodbye Present By Calling ZERO Penalties On Oklahoma State All Game

Underdog outright winners! Horns down! What a game, Oklahoma State won fair and square.....NOT.

That's the most ridiculous stat I've ever seen in my life. 14 for 120 yards to 0?! You can't watch a football game anymore without laundry being dropped all over the field, but Oklahoma State happened to play a perfect game today? Bullshit. Don't tell me it's called discipline. Don't tell me it's called coaching. It's called match fixing and it's illegal. This is obviously the first of many parting gifts from the Big 12 officials, who are upset to see their cash cow in Texas leave for the SEC.

It must be noted that I had Texas -6 but that's neither here nor there. There's never been more penalties in football, to the point where it seems you can call something every single play, and these refs are going to try and tell me with a straight face that not one was committed by Oklahoma State tonight? Tim Donaghy being in the stripes tonight wouldn't have been more obvious of a fixing than this stat. 

This has to be a tough pill to swallow for Steve Sarkisian. 14 penalties to 0 in a close loss to fall to 10-10 as the Texas head coach? I'd love to be a bar owner in Stillwater tonight with him in town.