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Ohio State Just Scored 54 Points On Iowa, Who Had Given Up 59 Total Points ALL YEAR

Oh my God....

Think of the kind, good-natured people of Iowa, Ryan Day. They didn't do anything to you. Think of Trent's family!

Listen, I'm not saying that Iowa is a good football team, but it is common knowledge that they have a great defense. They came into this week ranked #3 in the country in scoring defense, giving up just over 9 points per game. After 6 weeks, that's a total of 59 points ON THE YEAR. And CJ Stroud, Marvin Harrison Jr, and the rest of the boys hung a 54 burger on them this afternoon...

And guys, I'm going to let you all in on a secret: we didn't even play well. Ohio State came into the game with a 100% red zone scoring percentage, with 28 touchdowns and 2 field goals on their 30 tries. Today they kicked four field goals in the first half. All the credit in the world goes to Iowa on that one, but this could've easily been 100-10. Well, 100-3 if we didn't throw a pick six.

And before I get any "who have they played?", let me remind you that they have played the #4 team in the country, Michigan.

And it's not just the video game numbers the offense is putting up, it's the defense, too. I'm not pumping my chest out over holding Iowa to just 3 offensive points, rather I'm pumping my chest out for the body of work the Ohio State defense has put together as a whole this year.

The fact of the matter is if you don't put Ohio State as your #1 team in the country in whatever poll you're voting in, you should lose the right to vote. Georgia beat KENT STATE (the 7th best football team in Ohio) by 17 points. They beat Missouri by 4 points. Ohio State just score 54 points on Iowa. I just don't get it….