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Shaq Showed Up At Western Kentucky To DJ A Tailgate, Brought The House Down With Some 'Kill UAB' Chants And A Dancing Big Red


I don't know why but Shaq showing up at mid-major football games now needs to be a thing. If he's not truly embracing some Tuesday MACtion and DJ'ing while freezing, this is all fake and if I know one thing about Shaq, it's never about money. Not like he'll take every single sponsorship deal he can. Not like he's in every commercial for every product. Nope. He does it all for love of the game. That's why we need him at a Tuesday MAC game in November. 

The other thing here is I can't stop laughing at the image of Big Red barely peeking over the set. That big dumb perfect mascot just having a grand old time as no one knows who it is. That's the real dagger about being the mascot. So many places have this code where you can't let people know the real person's identity. Fuck that. if I'm Big Red, I'm walking around campus with my head out of that thing so people know who I am. 


Speaking of images. I see this going around: 

Sharp is the tallest dude in college basketball. He's 7'5" and that's not hyperbole or anything. It's rare to see Shaq look small next to someone and while he's not beefy Sharp still stands over him. That's gotta be an ultimate power move. I know you can't control height (believe me, I've tried to get taller), but standing next to Shaq to prove you are bigger is unreal. Being 7'5" must suck though. Good luck getting comfortable doing anything in life. I'd easily pick 5'5" over 7'5". 

Needless to say though this is how WKU won. The kill UAB chants led the comeback, 20-17 win. Bingo, bango. I know DJ Diesel is a real thing, but he needs to truly embrace mid-major football now. Nothing but tailgates.