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The Utah Jazz Are Physically Incapable Of Tanking After Now Taking Down The Timberwolves In An OT Thriller

Stephen Maturen. Getty Images.

We're doing this again? Utah, I don't want to come off as an asshole or anything…


Why are you doing this. These wins hurt you, they do not help. Just when you thought it was bad enough that they blew out the Nuggets to open their season, now they're doubling down and going on the road to beat the Wolves in OT?????

Danny Ainge has to be bullshit. Most franchises would be pumped that a rookie head coach is off to a 2-0 start with two solid ass wins. But that is not what this season is about for the Jazz. They can win as many games as they want next year. Go nuts. Go after the win record for all I care. In no way shape or form should this team be striving for that in 2022-23. I know that's fucked up to say, but this is how the NBA works. This is what you do when Victor Wembanyama is the prize

This unfortunate result is exactly what I talked about the other day when it comes to this roster. There are still way too many competent NBA players on this roster. When you have a team with proven NBA vets, they are going to try and win. That's why you see tanking teams get them the hell away from the team so they can lose. Danny Ainge has to get a hold of this before things get out of control and you win games you can't take back. We're going to see epic tanking like we've never had before, so even winning 2 games in a row at any point could be the kiss of death. Now the Jazz are going to do that to open their season?

Clarkson with 29, Kelly Olynyk with 21 and Baby Dirk a solid 24. Not to mention 15 for Malik Beasley off the bench against his former team. Does that look like a tanking team to you? Sure doesn't to me, that looks like a team destined to be stuck in NBA purgatory in a season when they had an opportunity to secure a generational talent. 

I know Danny doesn't like to lose trades but this is getting a little ridiculous. Lose a trade or two now so you can set the franchise up for 10 years. Until that happens, games like these are going to happen. I know wins are exciting but in a rebuild you have to keep perspective. You have to lose to win in this league unless you fleece a team for picks who ends up doing the losing for you. The Jazz need to figure that shit out and do it quickly.

For MIN….yikes man. Can't lose to the Jazz at home and give up 132 points in the process. That's why you brought in Gobert right?Instead they gave up 66 second half points and 20 3PM. Throw in a brutal 9-25 performance from KAT and this was a disaster no matter where you looked. For a team that not only wants to make the playoffs but probably have homecourt, you can't give away games like this.