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Do You Remember Where You Were When Dave Portnoy Dropped His Music Video To "Sorry" In 2015?

One of the best follows on twitter, "This Day In Barstool Sports", run by one of the hardest working guys, who deserves a job at this company over 3/4 of the people here, myself included, dropped this gem today.

I honestly almost forgot this era of Dave- the Bieber obsession era if you want to call it that. 

Anything the kid did, Dave would emulate. I'm talking anything.

Underwear ads - 

Standing on a dock bare ass -

And music videos in booty shorts way too small

So yah. A fucking burner of a song from Bieber that some might say (not me) was ruined forever by the visuals of Dave gyrating and thrusting his body to the pop-synth sounds produced by Skrillex.

p.s. - never forget.