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BREAKING: There Is A New King Of The Dozen


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the new king of The Dozen: Red Hot Ed!!!

As a fan of sports history, I had to write a blog about my teammate Eddie setting the all-time scoring record on The Dozen last night since I knew Eddie would be too modest to write one himself. Just an absolutely incredible performance from start to finish. Red Hot Ed melted The Icemen with knowledge from every corner of Jeff D. Lowe's brain. Baseball. Basketball. Celebrity Mashup. And of course, the culinary categories that have made Ziti an absolute force to be reckoned with in this crazy little gameshow.

There has been a lot of slander directed Ziti's way over the years due to our record since we always are forced to face titans of the trivia industry. However, we almost always hold our own against the headliners, occasionally beat them like we did The Yak to make the Final Four in last season's, then showed last night what we can do against a team that isn't a Top 10 staple. We have the all-time highest scorer, last year's All-Star MVP, and a fearless leader captain that built this company from scratch.

Now say the mantra with me: Ziti Ain't Bad.

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Also it has to be said just how awesome it is to have The Icemen in The Dozen now. An absolutely hilarious team full of wild cards that will keep you laughing the entire time with outrageous stories and moments. Last night's game was maybe the most fun I've had playing The Dozen and it had nothing to do with my teammate putting on a fucking clinic in answer questions.