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Elijah Moore Is Deleting Tweets About Loving His Teammates Following News He Won’t Play On Sunday After He Requested A Trade From The Jets

The news of Moore not playing shouldn’t come as a surprise after yesterday’s news from the Jets. 

ICYMI: After Elijah Moore was not at practice (for an “excused absence”), he requested a trade around 5:00 PM:

Do I believe the excused absence from practice? I don’t know. The timing of everything does not help. He swears he loves his teammates? But then deletes the tweet saying that he loves his teammates?

So, yeah, that’s where we are at with Elijah Moore. I don’t have much to say outside of the fact this seems like quite the diva/emotional response. It’s not like he’s someone completely forgotten by the Jets offense in his career:

He's also acting like an elite WR…when he has yet to prove that.

Obviously, there’s more to it than just the Packers game, but it seems like that’s what set him off. It’s not like every other player on the Jets was getting massive targets in that game. The most targeted WR on Sunday? Garrett Wilson, with 5 targets. The run was working against the Packers, and most of the 2nd half was spent in situations where the Jets led (aka want to drain the clock)  

I don’t know what the Jets would be able to get with Moore. A mid-round pick? The best option is to have him on the team in my opinion. Especially if he can get over this hissy fit. He’s a talented WR, one that was electric at Ole Miss. His upside is clearly still there and we saw the potential last year. Zach is still getting into a groove. Hell, the guy still hasn't played a full 17-game season. 

All that being said if he’s a locker room cancer? Get him out. Who cares. Here’s an interesting clip from last year:

Clear difference between Alijah Vera-Tucker and Moore. You won’t believe who is thriving in year 2 and who isn’t.