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This Video Of A Machine That Automatically Folds Your Laundry Just Blew My Mind

So this tweet came across my timeline this morning after racking up a cool 2.6 million views in a day's time and I had to pick pieces of my brain off the ground like it was The Bonnie Situation from Pulp Fiction.

Not because it is a technological marvel, which it clearly is. Or that it can pump out 25 folded items in 5 minutes. The price tag may have caused me to raise my jaw to drop...


But that's only because $960 is jaw dropping because I would have paid double to never have to fold laundry again when I was a Poor living on my own and would pay 10x that now that I am Super Poor with two kids and a wife since the TV trope of a full clean laundry basket always being somewhere in a young family's house is the truest shit ever.

The true mind blowing, jaw dropping, (insert body part moving phrase here) thing in all this was what preceded that very reasonable price tag.

What the fuck is this? It's been three years since this machine was promised to us yet this is the first I'm hearing it not to mention the very obvious fact it has not been invented since SOMEONE would've posted a video of them owning it on Twitter by this point (more than likely Jeff D. Lowe). I'm sure somebody blogged this at Barstool years ago. But the fact we haven't been on this company's ass to get this machine out is a failure on everyone in this company and on the planet.

I don't know if we blame the Foldimate company for dragging their ass, COVID for stopping the entire world, or shortages since every industry on the planet has blamed fuck ups on shortages. However regardless of what the answer is, we must all agree that it is a fucking travesty that mankind has not created this machine yet considering there was a fully functional prototype built with a release date promised. I don't think asking to get this machine made before nukes start flying from the sky is too much considering The Jetsons had full blown shower machines.

Don't tell how the Jetsons takes place far in the future either since George Jetson would have already been born by now.


So long story short I have three words to say to the creators of Foldimate or any copycat inventor that wants to change the world by making this machine themselves.

Giphy Images.

This gif is like 10 years old yet still hits the same every single time. Hopefully the same can't be said for this clothes folding machine video that is never released like "Detox" by Dr. Dre.