Brutal - Steven Gerrard Had To Ride Home On The Team Bus For 120 Miles Immediately After Getting Fired From Aston Villa Yesterday

[Source] - STEVEN GERRARD was forced to make the awkward journey back to Birmingham on the team coach just minutes after his sacking as Aston Villa manager.

And so unemployed Gerrard sat on the team bus with his players and backroom staff for the 120-mile journey up the M40 from West London to Villa's Bodymoor Heath training ground.

A brief two-sentence statement confirming his exit followed quickly, just moments after Gerrard had promised to fight for his job.

This is such a bad beat. Now, sure, Steven Gerrard sucked at Aston Villa. They just lost 3-0 to Fulham and are 17th in the Premier League with 9 points. But to promise you're going to fight for your job, only to find out you're fired with a two-sentence statement? Rough. Having to sit on the team bus who just fired you for a couple hours? Brutal. I think most people in their life gets fired from at least one job. Might be flipping burgers, might be a sales job, might be manager of a Premier League team. The last - and I mean the LAST - thing you want to do is hang around there when you get fired. You don't want to see the asshole boss. You don't want to be at the water cooler with that annoying cliche guy. You want to get your box of shit, go home and do nothing. Maybe get a couple drinks and convince yourself it's a good thing and how you'll find something better while settling for the exact same job at a different spot. 


By all accounts Gerrard is a legend, specifically a Liverpool legend. He was even a good manager at Rangers before Aston Villa. Beat Celtic, won a Scottish Premier League trophy. All things that make you say yeah this guy will know how to handle it. But Aston Villa is a different story. They finished 14th last year and off to a bad start this year. Fired. 

The statement is so bad too: 

No thank you, no nothing. Just a 'yeah that dude is up out of here.' That's it. Now get your ass on the bus so we can get home and you can pack up. Here's your millions of dollars. That takes a lot of the pain out, but dudes like this are typically wired to be competitive as hell. If I was that rich and got fired no chance I'm taking the team bus home. Getting myself an Uber and drinking in the back.