Anything For A Losing Record - Broncos Coaches Have Been Sleeping At The Facility For 3 Weeks Straight 'To Get The Team On Track'

Hey man, uh, maybe take it down a notch? You're 0-3 in the supposed time you've been sleeping at the office. You have one of the worst offenses in the league. Go see your family. Figure out how your car works. You're an offensive coordinator in the NFL, you can't have a broken ass car. This isn't the 1970s while you work for some low level Division I team. I would say this is football guy, but you can't be sleeping there like that and score 9 points or 16 points. Nope. Football guys figure shit out. They don't let their quarterback do this while being mocked throughout the world: 

I never thought I'd sit here with this much Broncos content, but here we are. I thought they'd be 'fine.' Something like a 9-8 team, give or take one way or another. Borderline playoff team, but not this. Not a team that has people begging to not have to watch them anymore. Not a team that has one of the worst offenses I can remember seeing. Not a team that's so bad, I find myself laughing at them because Hackett is the worst coach in a long, long time. 

I'm more confused though as to why he hasn't heard from his family. Not seeing them? Sure. You're not around them. But, uh, text them man. You need to mix it up because the sleeping at the office part ain't working. Maybe go home and see your wife. Sleep in your own bed and see if you can come up with a drive design better than 1st and 10 handoff, 2nd and 11 short pass, 3rd and 7 incomplete long pass. That's it. That's all you do. 

I gotta say now that I know this I'm ready to lock in Broncos 6-11 season. They can't win with coaches doing anything for the team, they won't win at all.